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Act on privacy compliance risks and insights
With Palqee you have ongoing visibility on how your data landscape is evolving.
Streamline admin work and focus on what matters
Palqee saves you time by automating and consolidating time-intensive interviews for data mapping, assessments and DPIAs so you can concentrate on your compliance agenda.
Have your workforce engaged on privacy programs
Jargon-free dashboard for employees and automated internal communications support you to get buy-in and collaborate with your team.
Be content you have it all covered
Palqee helps you with required assessments based on your business’ operations and combines repetitive regulation work among data protection regulations for streamlined global compliance.
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Victor Fernandes
Diretor de Soluções at AddOne
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Marcio Riego Cots
COO at Get Global International
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Daniel Nusbaum
CEO at DanTIC Consulting
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Rodrigo Wanderley
Commercial Director at Toutsie
"Palqee enabled us to quickly understand what to do with our customers' and employees' personal data. Excellent solution for data privacy compliance!"
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The tool to succeed with internal Privacy Operations.